Yu-Gi-Oh! 2018 Mega Tin and Shadows in Valhalla pack opening

It’s that time of the year when Konami releases the latest Mega Tins. This year I was particularly excited, seeing as Heroes get a bit of support. As I’ve mentioned before, Heroes are still my favorite deck to play to this day because they are quite a bit of fun to play even if they aren’t the most powerful deck out there.

This year’s tins features both Yu-Gi-Oh! GX’s Jaden Yuki and 5D’s Yusei Fudo along with new support cards for the Hero-archetype as well as Junk/Synchros.

To be completely honest, I feel that the Jaden tin is definitely the better of the two especially because of two particular cards. The first one Elemental HERO Solid Soldier lets you special summon an extra hero on the field and when it is sent to the graveyard lets you special summon a hero in the graveyard in defense mode, which means fusion or mask change will let you use this effect and while gaining a stronger monster, have another hero ready to use. The second card I that has so much potential is Keeper of Dragon Magic which can be used in a variety of decks that use fusions as it allows you to discard a card to add a polymerization to your hand, followed by summoning a monster in face-down defense mode from the graveyard provided you reveal a fusion monster from the graveyard and that card being summoned is one of the cards listed in the fusion.

Each Mega Packs contains 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare and 12 Commons featuring cards from Maximum Crisis, Code of the Duelist, Circuit Break, and Extreme Force. While there weren’t too many cards in this collection I really wanted my main goal was to get a set of Ultra Polymerizations, Evenly Matched and a few smaller cards for a few of my other decks.

It’s a nice collection of cards and a nice way to get cards that at one point might have been pretty expensive. Seeing how I am not as competitive as I once was, being able to get them eventually is nice so I don’t mind waiting.

Also released earlier this month was Shadows in Valhalla. This 60 card set primarily features older cards from various sets including Mermail, Gem-Knight, Heroes and Ninjas.

While there’s wasn’t too much in this set I was really looking forward to getting, I am actually thinking of picking up the rest of the Goddess and Valkyrie cards from the set as the deck might be pretty interesting to play. It’s not a set you need to run out and pick up since changes are you probably have a lot of these cards as they’ve been reprinted quite a bit.