Yoda May Get a Standalone ‘Star Wars’ Film! Is Jar Jar Next?


The pint-sized Master of the Force and suspected member of the race of Wills is rumored to be getting his own standalone film. Quickly, questions leap to the forefront. How can this be?  Will Yoda use the power of the force that Qui-Gon Jinn discovered in his passing to return to the land of the living?  Will the film recount the years he spent in Dagobah’s swamp? That certainly sounds like hot sweaty fun. Besides sounding like a cool pool cleaning chemical, will Midi-chlorians factor into the Yoda story?  A standalone film brings back screaming memories of the Droid and Ewok cartoons and specials.  Whatever the case maybe, CGI will be crucial to reanimating the little green guy.  With Disney holding the reins, expect the film to be wall-to-wall special effects with a very simple storyline and lots of characters to make action figures that hobbyists will go crazy for.  What about a standalone Jabba the Hutt film? May the Source be Wrong!

Source: AICN