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YKW Vlog #2 – Breaking Superman News & Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Event

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

At the ‘You Know Whaaa!‘ YouTube channel we got our second vlog installment up and this one is a two parter! Mainly due to the fact that currently youtube only allows a maximum of 15 minutes per uploaded video. There’s the usual Wednesday trip to Frank & Son for new comic book day (if you ever see me there say hi!). We also get some breaking news about the new Superman movie while we were there from Louis Love and Jjurassic Josh. We finished off this vlog with Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken launch event. We see Ono-san give a speech, then get some face time with Seth Killian and Cody’s english voice actor Michael T. Coleman. We also meet uber-gamer cutie Faye Mata. I also announce a possible giveaway in the near future. And as always stay tuned and subscribe!