Yakuza 6 demo pulled as demo included full game for free

Earlier today, Sega uploaded a demo for Yakuza 6 on the PlayStation Network which would give players access to the early stages of the game. Sega previously revealed that all achievements and progress made will transfer into the full game when it releases 0n April 17th, except something went wrong.

The demo clocked in a just over 30GB, that’s because the demo actually included the full game and was suppose to include some kind of lockout restriction at a certain point in the game. For some reason it didn’t and some players found themselves actually getting pretty far into the game, with one user saying they have already made it to chapter 3 of the game.

Sega soon noted this and took action taking the demo down in the North American store, as the European and Australian versions of the demo had the correct version of the demo’s uploaded.

It’s unknown how many users were able to download the full version of the game for free. If you did, let’s just all remember to keep all spoilers to yourself so everyone can look forward to the game when it finally releases. No word on when the demo will return to the store.