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Yacht Club Games Teases A New Game Following Indie Hit Shovel Knight

It looks as though Yacht Club Games has one more ace up their sleeve for PAX East past the upcoming Shovel Knight Showdown and DLC ‘King Of Cards’. For now Yacht Club is keeping it incredibly close to the chest although they did give us a glimpse of what could be coming beyond the horizon:

PAX East is upon us!

2019 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the Shovel Knight franchise as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be fully complete. The promises from our 2013 Kickstarter are finally being fulfilled! Playable demos of the latest titles in the series – due out later this year – will be on display at PAX:

Shovel Knight: King of Cards
Shovel Knight Showdown

But… wait… from the shadows… there’s something completely different in store:

You’ll definitely want to catch a glimpse and get a hands-on of this all-new addition to the Yacht Club Games Publisher catalog!

From the looks of it Yacht Club could be showing off a post apocalyptic game featuring ninjas. Other than the gif, there isn’t much to go on for now until they officially reveal it during PAX East on March 28th- March 31st.