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Yacht Club Games Announces Two New Shovel Knight DLC With Release Date

When Yacht Club Games first announced a Kickstarter for Shovel Knight back in 2013 there was no foresight as to how large of an icon for indie gaming he would become. Since the games release a few years back we’ve seen 2 free dlc campaigns, amiibos, and dozens of appearances in other games including the upcoming Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. But somehow, after all of the success and awards, the adventure seems to continue. This week IGN released a 10 minute gameplay of an upcoming battle mode coming to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove featuring chaotic modes and fun multiplayer brawling. In this mode, all of the Order Of No Quarter are playable as well as Shield Knight and Black Knight.

The second known piece of news we got was an update surrounding the release of the long awaited 4th campaign for King Knight titled King Of Cards, physical edition, and the highly anticipated amiibo 3 pack featuring a few of the bosses.

The King of Cards campaign, Shovel Knight Showdown, the 3 pack of Amiibos, and the physical edition are all being released on April 9th, 2019. The physical edition will run you $39.99.