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XSEED Games to show off Gungrave VR and Gal Metal at E3

Yesterday, publisher XSEED Games released a teaser trailer which shows off their line up of third party games to be shown off at E3. The teaser trailer showcases four different titles including Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity which will be released on Steam this Summer and Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient set for release this Fall for PC.

As for the other two titles:

First we have Gungrave VR for the PlayStation 4.

It’s been 14 years since the release of Gungrave: Overdose on the PlayStation 2. Developed by Korean developers Iggymob and Blueside while under the supervision of Red Entertainment, Gungrave VR serves as a prologue to a new sequel, Gungrave G.O.R.E. which is currently in development.

Here is some information on Gungrave VR:

Following the battle against the Orgmen—creatures transformed by the mysterious drug, SEED—Mika Asagi has tracked the manufacturing of the narcotic (along with a whole new Orgman infestation) to South City. With the city streets overrun by these newly formed creatures, Mika requests the assistance of Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), waking him from 14 years of rest after his previous battle. She hopes for him to use his power to help rid the city streets of the Orgman threat and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

Finally, it’s time to rock out as XSEED also showed off rhythm game Gal Metal for the Nintendo Switch, set for release this Fall.

Here is some information about the game:

Planet Earth is on the brink of invasion after humanity ruined the peace and quiet of the universe with the broadcast of metal music on the Voyager probe’s Golden Record. Aliens picked up the signal and couldn’t stop headbanging, and now they’re dying off because of it, so they want revenge! A few rogue extraterrestrials make their way to the source of the music and abduct two high school students from the Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji: an unnamed boy, and a drummer named Rinko from an outrageous girls-only metal club. The aliens needed an emissary with whom to discuss the terms of their revenge, and felt either of these two would serve nicely; however, being unable to choose between them, the aliens simply decided to merge their souls into a single being! Now, working together, the all-in-one pair must team up with the other members of K.M.G. (the Kichijoji Metal Girls) and rid the planet of these eight-tentacled extraterrestrials using the power of metal. It’s time to rock these music-hating creeps all the way back to whatever planet they came from!

Gal Metal is a rhythm game designed for Nintendo Switch™ that turns each Joy-Con™ into a drum stick. Players will take hold of the Joy-Cons to rock along with the music as they create their own complex performances and rack up millions of points using personal free-form drum lines based on over a dozen different beats. With Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller support on offer as well, players will be able to choose how they want to jam and earn metal power to use against the alien invaders in this uniquely adlib-friendly rhythm experience.

Key Features

  • Jam Any Way You’d Like – A new spin on traditional music gameplay, Gal Metal lets the player create their own drumlines based on over a dozen beats. Practice the beats after school and wrack up unique combos to blow the invading aliens away in live performances!
  • Unique Storytelling – Divided into episodes ending in climactic concerts, the lighthearted story unfolds in text messages and animated manga panels that are read right-to-left for an authentically Japanese experience.
  • Be an After-School Specialist – Between performances to take out the pesky aliens, there’s ordinary school life as well. Improve skills and friendships by doing part-time jobs, hanging out with friends, and jamming in the club room.
  • Show Your True Mettle/Metal – Simple-to-learn gameplay allows players who master the beats to create complex performances. How much metal power can you score?

You can watch the teaser trailer showing off all the games below: