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Xbox’s Biggest Event of The Year Is In 2 Days – Here Is What To Expect

Yes, you read the title right. XO18 (Xbox’s returning massive press event) is making it’s return in just 2 days! XO is making it’s long awaited return this¬†Saturday.

The Event in its entirety will be an expo featuring the latest and greatest of Xbox. The show will run from Saturday to Sunday; With The main Event being the “Largest Inside Xbox Ever” on Saturday the 10th, From 3:00pm-5:00pm CT.

Many new announcements are expected to be made, for both games that are already released, and games that have yet to be announced. Many are excited by the news that the long awaited ‘Crackdown 3’ Will indeed be playable. Crackdown 3 has seen delay after delay, so fans will surely find joy in the experience to see live gameplay for the first time in over a year!

XO is known for its jaw-dropping announcements. at a Previous XO was when Microsoft announced their Acquisition of Rareware (developers of Banjo-Kazooie, now making Sea of Thieves). So fans should expect some incredible news. However,¬†If you would like to know our predictions, excitements, and worries… Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and tune in tomorrow night for our Special Game & Talk Podcast!

More official info from Xbox can be found here.