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Xbox Unveils New Streaming Platform – xCloud

Back at E3 2018, Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) talked about the next frontier within the Xbox brand. Today Microsoft spoke out again on the project, and giving it it’s name, xCloud.

Microsoft is aiming to change the market. It’s no secret that the Xbox has lagged behind other consoles in sales. Yet, the Xbox name still holds some of the most popular titles in gaming such as Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and many 3rd party games.

Quite simply this service is aimed to take those games and put them everywhere. This would include your smartphone (specifically android, no mention of apple), tablets, laptops, and of course… your home Xbox console.

The controller options rests in your hands… literally. You will be able to connect all Xbox controllers via Bluetooth to all supported devices. And if you happen to not have a controller available, touch inputs will be supported as well.

Microsoft promises to deliver a low latency product, that will make gamers everywhere very happy. They even claim that the project is almost ready for launch. The multi-billion dollar international company is already positioned well with the necessary server space and facilities to accommodate such a feat.

Find full unveiling here: