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Xbox Sets Out To Include Everyone With New Accessibility Controller

Microsoft has officially unveiled their Xbox One Accessibility Controller. This controller sets out to complete one mission, to bring gaming to everyone.

Microsoft aims with this project to allow anyone to play games regardless of mental or physical ability. How this is achieved with its very simplistic design of the main unit, but coupled with many ports (24) that are fully programmable. This means, that if a certain individual requires larger joysticks instead of thumb-sticks, they can use that!

Xbox had no official retail information outside of that it will be available later this year. Also, no pricing information was given either. All accessories and external counterparts are sold separately.

The device itself is fairly long, while thin, it is nearly the length of the Xbox One S.

whether you are a fan of gaming on Xbox or not, I think we can all agree, this is a huge win for all gamers!


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