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REPORT: Xbox Series X to cost $499 and be released on November 10; Xbox Series S to be $299

It’s surprising when you realize that it’s already in September and yet Sony or Microsoft has yet to reveal a date or price on their upcoming consoles which are supposed to release in just a few months in time for the holiday season. Well looks like we finally have some news and it’s not coming from Microsoft but instead in the form of a leak as well as news from Windows Central.

The first piece of info came in the reveal of the Xbox Series S from Brad Sams who showed off what the system will look like including the price which is rumored to be $299. This is the entry price of the system which will be smaller than the Series X, come with fewer features that have yet to be revealed such as no disc drive but expected to be as powerful as the Xbox One X.

As for the Xbox One X, that is expected to be priced at $499 with both systems set to launch on November 10th, 2020.

Image Source: @_h0x0d_

Microsoft is also set to push it’s Xbox All Access financing which offers users to option to pay off the system monthly, $25 a month for the Xbox Series S and $35 a month for the Xbox Series X which includes Xbox Game Pass which is a pretty awesome deal if you can get one.

Microsoft is set to hold a press event soon to make the official announcement and tell us when we can finally pre-order the system at select retailers.

It’s your move now Sony.

Source: Windows Central