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Xbox One Update Will Improve Graphical Performance


No word on if Microsoft update will allow users to trade Xbox One for high end PC.

According to Hot Hardware insider Pete Doss, Microsoft will relax GPU requirements for Kinect in order to achieve higher graphical results for the Xbox One. Currently, the Xbox One reserves 10 percent of its total GPU power for the Kinect, with 8 percent alone required for video processing. The alleged patch will purportedly free up that 8 percent for use in actual gameplay, leaving the remaining 2 percent for the peripheral’s voice input processing.


Though we’re not likely to see much difference right away. What this ultimately means for gamers on Xbox One is developers will now be able to dedicate more resources from the GPU’s processor for their game instead of having it reserved for a peripheral that most developers don’t use or emphasize. They’ll be able to develop a smoother, better looking experience.

This news comes on the heels of the recent next-gen edition of Tomb Raider that hit the PS4 and Xbox One. It was publicized Sony’s console would present the game in a seamless 1080p at 60fps. The Xbox One update will help boost the graphical power to show the same game at 30fps. It remains to be seen if this upcoming patch will cause developers of soon to be released Xbox One games to delay for more polish. The patch should be out for automatic update on Xbox One sometime in the next month.