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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Announced

Today, Xbox held their bimonthly “Inside Xbox” event. In which, the team at Xbox officially announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

The team at Xbox described this new console as going

“All digital with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and build(ing) a library of digital games that travels with you and is available in the cloud. Take your cloud saves on the go, and enjoy the ability to pre-order and pre-install upcoming games so you’re ready to play the moment they launch. Expand your options with Xbox Game Pass, discovering and downloading over 100 great games.”

This new addition isn’t an entirely new addition to the Xbox line of consoles, more as another option, or an alternative to the regular One S console. This option will not come with an optical drive for physical disks. The console will also come with a 1TB hard drive, and full game downloads for; Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Minecraft.

This option will cost you $250 out of the box and you can find more details here.