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Xbox One Release Date Leaked?

Could Xbox One launch a week before the PS4?

Xbox Shows Off
Xbox Shows Off


Today Kotaku reported they received a leaked email for a marketing company that handles signage for Walmart. From the email it looks as though the Xbox One will launch on November 8, a week before Sony releases the PS4 on November 15. While the email had confirmed dates for game releases such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, it’s important to not it did not list the Xbox One’s date as being “confirmed”. That means this could have been a recent decision Microsoft was holding on to until after Sony’s announcement. Considering Microsoft’s console will cost $100 more than the PS4, it’s safe to assume they’ll be looking for any advantage they could score.

Microsoft has already scaled back its launch plans and will be bringing Xbox One to only 13 markets in 2013, eight fewer than the 21 it promised at E3. This could have been due to meeting production demands for an early launch, GameStop has stated it believes that, between PS4 and Xbox One, this will be “largest console launch in history.”

What do you think, does launching Xbox One before the PS4 give it any kind of advantage or is it too late for Microsoft to win anyone over?