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Xbox One in 2014

Xbox One has a bright 2014 forecast.


Almost a year after their announcement and subsequent bumps in the road, the Xbox One is here. It’s no longer a matter of questioning Microsoft’s decisions and vision of next-gen gaming but a war of who can produce the first true triple A game for their system. Despite Sony posting their record setting numbers, a large portion of gamers posted about the PS4’s disappointing launch line up. While the Xbox One launch lineup wasn’t much more abundant, it did however have a couple of spotlight exclusives that hinted at what their console was capable of. Namely Dead Rising 3 and RYSE. If Bill Gates and company are going to overtake Sony’s marginal lead in the race, 2014 has a few issues the Xbox One must address.

Backwards compatibility. While Microsoft has gone one record saying that it will never have that feature; who is to say it couldn’t just be another thing they go back on. Sure PlayStation has announced the PS now, but it isn’t a true answer for backwards compatibility. Something the big two aren’t listening about when it comes to what gamers want is to be rid of our old hardware. A 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and a Wii would take up five spaces in an entertainment cabinet. Combine all that with a cable box or a Tivo and it’s just too much for anything IKEA could design in-between eating meatballs. At the very least, get the Games with Gold program rolling for the Xbox One. While it couldn’t compare to Sony’s Instant Game Collection, it was a nice gesture for loyal Xbox gamers.

Secondly, and this is something that’s –not a must do– but instead a “keep it up”, the games have to come regularly this year. Titanfall is shaping up to be the first real next-gen system mover. From what we’ve seen and beta testers have shown us, this game is everything the hype promises. After Titanfall there’s a few titles coming that definitely will peak gamer’s interest but they aren’t promised to release in 2014. Quantum Break and the next Halo game have been said to have Fall release windows but being that we’ve seen so little from these titles; it’s almost certain they’ll be pushed back to 2015.

The Xbox One already got itself in the console war after most critics and people were ready to count them out. Microsoft fought an uphill PR battle to have a stellar launch, now 2014 is shaping up to be a year Microsoft could swoop in and take the lead in this two horse race.

What we’ll see from the Xbox One in 2014:

– Titanfall (definitely)

– GOTY Bioshock Infinite (defintiely)

– Gears of War Collection (Maybe)