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Xbox Gamescom News

So much happening across the pond right now.


Xbox is smack dab in the middle of their Gamescom media briefing. We’ll be posting a few hot topics being announced by Microsoft and going into full detail on them later today.

-Indie developers get a new program, Independent Developers @ Xbox. The program will have no fees, activation, or certification, but will have access to Kinect and Smart Glass.

– A new Fable game is coming to Xbox One called Fable Legends, which will be the franchise first online co-op game.

– Ubisoft debuted The Fighter Within, a 1-to-1 motion tracking fighting game that may finally deliver the real fight feel gamers have been looking for.

-Minecraft devs Mojang will bring Cobalt to the Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

-Kinect Sports Rivals will use the Kinect camera to scan you and put the players right in the game.

-Peggle 2 is an Xbox One launch title and Plants vs. Zombies will be coming first to the Xbox One in 2014.

-Ubisoft’s The Division will have exclusive content for the Xbox One before and after its launch.

-FIFA 14 Ultimate Legends will be an Xbox One exclusive, no word on if a regular FIFA 14 is coming to PS4. A new bundle for Europe was announced that included a FIFA 14 download.

-Call of Duty: Ghosts will have dedicated Xbox One servers, this is in order to maximize the efficiency of bandwidth on the Xbox Live. The studio showed off a new multiplayer mode, Blitz — an objective-based gametype similar to capture the flag where players fight to reach the opposing teams’ capture points.

-As of 2:48am PST no exact launch date was announced.

Sony PlayStation will have their presentation later on today and are expected to give a full launch date announcement.