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Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference Live Blog

Xbox Unveils Their Future

At 9:30 Microsoft takes the stage to kick off the E3 press day. You can watch it live through any Microsoft device. Nuke the Fridge will be live blogging the conference here.

9:15- Major Nelson shows off the teaser for the newly announced Killer Instinct Season 2. Set for Fall 2014 the first new character revealed is TJ Combo. Official presentation starts in 12 minutes.

9:21- The Major Nelson pre show is being streamed into the Galen Center. Odd that it isn’t on the giant screen but two smaller ones on the side.

9:30 – Right on time, sizzle reel is being shown. Wrist bands handed out earlier are lighting up like crazy.

9:32- Phil Spencer takes the tiny stage. Talks about Xbox One launch and thanks all the Xbox fans.

9:34- COD starts the presentations (called it).Advance warfare looks insane. Gameplay shows a mission beginning gone haywire in typical COD fashion. The game takes advantage of high res texture abilities of next-gen consoles. Level size is greatly increased as you went from landing in a building with multiple floors to the city streets battling enemy mechs. Crap he just grabbed a car door and turned it into a shield. For anyone tired of COD, don’t count them out yet. It appears there’s still a few tricks up the franchise sleeve.

9:43- Turn 10 studios is up to show Forza Motorsport 5 gameplay. A new track is available for free today. Forza Horizon 2 is up next. The sequel to the surprise hit open world driving game is “more diverse than ever”. Full 1080p support, dynamic weather simulation, over 200 cars. Game is out September 30, 2014.

9:49- Evolve is up next. The first gameplay footage is show and you can actually play as the monsters. Open beta on Xbox One this fall including first DLC on Xbox. #4v1



Assassin’s Creed Unity is up next. A gameplay demo is up. The setting is Paris 1879 and all the favorite Assassin moves are there. Co-op assassinations are a new feature for the game and they are marvelous. Players can go from one kill to help another player with theirs seamlessly. Building your own guild over online play. It looks to be the most brutal game in the series.

9:57- On screen a new video for Dragon Age Inquisition coming out October 7 with DLC on Xbox First

9:59- Sunset Overdrive trailer is on screen. This is our Xbox One pick for game of the year. It comes from Insomniac games, makers of Ratchet and Clank. Ted Price from Insomniac is on stage to give us a look at game play. He’s as swaggy as ever. The gameplay has a Ratchet & Clank feel to it but the level design feels unique. Your character zips around a carnival taken over by mutants and you face a brute called the Herker. Xbox One exclusive. 8 player experience called chaos squad is revealed. October 28, 2014 release date.

10:05- Dead Rising 3 arcade game is revealed. Plays as your favorite Dead Rsing character cosplaying as their favorite Capcom character. Available as DLC now, go get it!

10:07 Disney Fantasia Music Evolved is mentioned. Dance Central Spotlight in September from Harmonix. Digital only game on Xbox Live.

10:08 Lionhead Studios shows off Fable Legends. Four player online gameplay. Players can also be the villain player controlling the world from above like a strategy game. The gameplay experiences are night and day. Heroes are in 3rd person while the villain is in an arial malevolent view. Beta this fall at FableLegends.com

10:14- Project Spark video is shown. For those without wikipedia, PS is a game that creates a game based on the player’s imagination. From adventure to board games, players can create just about anything. They introduced a mode called galaxies and showed off Conker, you can go download it now.

10:18- A video for a project from Moon Studios is up. The game is a 2D side scroller where you play as a cute mythical tiny horse. Ori and the Blind Forest Fall 2104.

10:19 Halo. Master Chief is carrying the bomb from Halo 2. Gotta be Halo Anniversary edition.

10:19 Halo. Master Chief is carrying the bomb from Halo 2. Gotta be Halo Anniversary edition. No wait this is kinda new. 343 is up, Bonnie Ross is up on stage to tai about Halo. Nov 11 2014, play Halo the Master Chief Collection Halo 1-4, but it will also have a lead in to Halo 5 Guardians.

All the games on a single disc, played in any order you want. Halo 2 gets full anniversary treatment complete with multiplayer exactly how it was. Over 100 multiplayer maps from every game 1080p 60fps.

Halo Nightfall a digital series is included, which serves as a prequel for Halo 5. December brings Halo 5 Guardians Beta, debuting new game modes and features. All in the Halo anniversary edition in November. Pre-Order!

10:30 – 2015 and beyond is up. Playdead has a new game, much like Limbo it’s an intriguing 2D plat former. The game is called INSIDE.

10:32 ID @Xbox is talked about, a sizzle reel containing hundreds of games is shown. We’ll run them down later this week.


10:36- Tomb Raider. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Holiday 2015. A teaser trailer was show with Laura using her bow and arrow. We’ll have the video up later today but no other details were revealed.

10:38- CD Project Red is showing off some Wticher 3 gameplay. Nothing revolutionary, just some combat and tracking gameplay. This open world does look massive but holy crap he’s fighting a lion eagle. Okay we’ll definitely have to track down this video for you.

10:43 Ken Lob is out to talk about Killer Instinct to talk about the Season 2 announcement earlier. He’s also bringing back a game from the past… Phantom Dust. Yes! Phantom Dust. A quick teaser is shown but no more information is given.

10:46 Massive is out to show The Division. DLC will be first on Xbox One. More gameplay is shown from an underground train station level on Christmas Day after the outbreak. It could be the best looking game for the Xbox One that isn’t exclusive to the console.

10:52 Platinum Games is up next to show a new IP. This is some weird mix of ancient monsters and tech. The character’s got beats headphones on so time line is hard to pinpoint. The game is called Scalebound. Okay you and a dragon are fighting a giant Hydra monster. Nuff Said!


10:54 Crackdown! A relaunch of the Xbox game. So far it’s just a trailer for the game no gameplay. But man what a trailer. We’ll post it later and I’ll talk about it in a few hours.


10:58 Phil Spencer is back out to close things.