From Wrestler to Writer: CM PUNK Will Start Writing for Marvel


CM Punk, the “best in the world” when it came to wrestling, is now trying to be the “best in the world” when it comes to writing. 

CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) will now start writing for Marvel comics. He will join up with artist Rob Guillory for Thor Annual #1, which comes out in February.

This all came about possibly a year ago at San Diego Comic-Con, when Punk first met Marvel comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso. He and Alonso talked a bit about working together.

Punk stated that he never wrote a comic-style script before but that Thor Annual editor Jon Mosian, forwarded him a lot of scripts to look at, to see how scripts can get broken down into actual comic form.

Apparently, this story will be about a “young Thor,” which will have Thor being kind of a “brash, bratty teenager who’s like, ‘I’m totally worthy of this hammer. My dad’s full of [expletive]. I don’t know why I’m not ‘worthy’ of the hammer. Look at all this cool stuff I did.’

Punk also stated that he would love to write a Punisher story. He’s hoping that everything he does for Marvel, will eventually lead up to writing his Punisher story.

CM Punk has been known to be a huge comic book fan, so not only was he living the dream of being the “best in the world” at wrestling and also dating the beautiful AJ Lee, he also gets a crack at writing for Marvel. What a life to live.

Source: Marvel