WrestleMania Season Not Off To A Great Start


How the Rumble was lost?

Well it looks like WWE in 2014 is shaping up to be much of what 2013 was. They guys who get the loudest pops can’t get out of the mid card because the powers that be in WWE are building a more “marketable” agenda.

Just like the majority of twitter, I was outraged at the Royal Rumble pay per view last night. The show felt like the most predictable three hours on television. Even the Iron Shiek had to waych the Grammys instead. The show opened with Bray vs. Bryan because WWE was hoping the audience would get their “YES!” fill in early and fall in line with the program. Being that the show was in Pittsburgh; it’s easy to say the WWE picked the wrong town to mess with. What better place to avoid getting Rothlesburger’d in than the state the guy raped in; they know how to fight back. It was obvious Bray Wyatt had to have the clean win in order to legitimize going after Cena and building to their WrestleMania match. I have no problems ¬†with that logic, but the rest of the show left the taste of what could best be described as past the expiration date bologna and credit card debt in my mouth.


Big Show vs. Lesnar was never in question. The Big Show had to be served up to Brock in order to build him up as the monster he has to be. Now when they ultimately build to Lesnar vs. Undertaker; it’s now a Godzilla vs. King Kong fight. Although it’s still remained to be seen if Lesnar is willing to put in the extra work necessary to have a match with an aging and near the end Taker. I would have preferred Bryan to beat Bray and sell the Undertaker as the power behind the Wyatts. A scenario like this would have set up one hell of a match between Bryan and Undertaker at WM 30.

Probably the most interesting match of the night was Cena vs. Orton. Not because of anything they did, that shit was heinous. I’m talking about blasting the volume on my TV to listen to what that wild Steel Town crowd was saying. When a crowd actually chants “We want divas!” during a match for the heavyweight championship, you know there’s something wrong with your product. But WWE will find a way to cut those chants during the replays like they never happened. Those of us that watched live, we know what happened.

Then we get to the rumble itself and this is where everything goes off the rails for WWE. Building CM Punk in a similar role to what Stone Cold had years ago was fine. Not capitalizing on it by having at least finish second was a waste of a good story. The only way to redeem this would be to have Kane fight Punk at Elmination Chamber where if Punk wins he gets Triple H at Mania. WWE writers haven’t been the sharpest of knives lately but this story practically writes itself.

By now we’ve all seen the Batista memes going around. Yes, he won. Suprising? Nope. Not at all. Personally, I’m not as angry as most. I’m not a fan of Batista or his belly tattoo but we all had this coming. We live in a time where secrets are a rare commodity. The leak of Batista’s return certainly moved up WWE’s timetable for his first appearance. This whole thing might have been easier to swallow if he would have been a surprise entrant in the match and been in it for more than ten minutes. We’ve would have been in a state of shock that would have kept the reality from sinking for at least an hour after the rumble was over.


Yes, Orton vs. Batista is going to be boring as, well watching Orton wrestle Batista and then having to read about it. But I’m holding on to hope till at least Elimination Chamber in February. Since the Undertaker hasn’t appeared; we could still get Batista vs. Lesnar and Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan. So let’s hope someone called an emergency meeting at creative and erased the WrestleMania 30 card off the dry erase board. Let’s not forget, we might finally be getting Sting in WWE before Mania, so here’s hoping for entertainment in a business that doesn’t care about what I want. The plausible card that would be more interesting for WrestleMania would look something like this:

Batista vs. Lesnar WWE Title
Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan
Wyatt Family vs. John Cena & Sting
CM Punk vs. Triple H
Cody vs. Goldust
Sheamus vs. Big E
Shield 3 way break up match
Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Note this was written before RAW aired monday night. But after watching it I saw no reason to change my opinion. Bryan was still at the same time, acknowledged and buried. Have you ever known a business that didn’t listen to its customers? Yeeesh¬†