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Worlds Collide when Capcom’s Street Fighters join the battle in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Whose stronger, Ryu or Tommy the Green Ranger? Chun-Li or Trini the Yellow Ranger? These are questions you probably have never asked yourself unless you watched an episode of Super Power Beat Down but it’s happening as characters from Capcom’s Street Fighter series are now available to select in the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

It’s definitely an ambitious crossover event you would never expect but still pretty cool nonetheless. Right now, the limited-time event will let you select Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma and Guile for free with the option to purchase them for $5 to keep them permanently or through in-game Morph Boxes and character shards. Two more Street Fighter characters will be added to the game with Cammy being added on June 1st and M. Bison on June 15th.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a free-to-play game for both iOS and Android devices.