WORLD WAR Z’s Ending Before the Rewrites

How World War Z Could Have Ended


One of the most polarizing reactions for a movie belongs to Paramount’s World War Z, people ranged from passionate hate to overwhelming love for the film. With its controversial ending came word from about the films original ending. Apparently Brad Pitt’s character Gerry was originally on a plane to Moscow looking for the cure when he gets taken by Russian forces and is enslaved as a zombie hunter. His family meanwhile ended up on the wrong side of the refugee camp economy and the only asset his wife could barter with was herself. In this ending Matthew Fox played a bigger role as an antagonist for Pitt’s character, which would explain why an actor with a high profile like Fox was cast in a tiny part. No doubt this ending would have been very somber and probably steered it away from the family direction it took.

There’s even more to be gathered from’s information and it’s unclear whether or not this footage shot for an alternate version of the film will ever see the light of day. Read the entire post here, but be warned there are spoilers galore.