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WonderCon Set to Change Venues for Next Year!

WonderCon proved to be eventful this Easter weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. The con was heavily trafficked and ran rather smoothly. However, a critical piece of information was disclosed during the In the Talk Back panel, where attendees can ask Comic-Con officials questions and offer feedback, which came as a shock to some. One fan asked if WonderCon would return to Anaheim next year.

Unexpectedly, the officials responded by saying, “No.” The Anaheim Convention Center is scheduled to expand beginning this October. So, WonderCon will be moving to the Los Angeles Convention Center under a one-year contract for next year. So, for the 2017 year, it’s possible the convention could move back to Anaheim, stay in Los Angeles, or move elsewhere.

From this:

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To this:


What city do you think WonderCon should permanently call home?

Source: sdccblog