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WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Gallery (part three)

Greetings and salutations, fellow Fridge Nukers! Bradfield here, reporting from the floor of WonderCon 2014! Actually, I’m not on the floor for this one. I’m probably in a conference room or something… It’s complicated… Let me explain…

It’s no secret: Nuke the Fridge has been blowing up! And with expansion of interest comes the need for an expanded staff. Robyn Bobby has done a lot of work for us in the past [The Walking Dead Escape, Screamfest, Doctor Who] but she finally took the plunge, and joins the infamous Carlos Duncan (who was on assignment in Transylvania this weekend) as one of our official staff photographers!

For Robyn’s first gallery (our third WonderCon gallery overall), let’s face it – we could hire another dozen photographers and still barely scratch the surface of the level of CosPlay going on at any convention. And as the sponsor of an award in the masquerade, I figure that territory is more than covered. So here, we’re going to focus on the unsung heroes of CosPlay – the people you won’t see in a contest, but keep the party going all the same.