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WonderCon 2013: THE CONJURING Panel Recap!


Caliburn24 here with a surprising panel at Wonder Con 2013.

The first panel playing at the arena Saturday was for The Conjuring.  This is a horror movie that will opening in the summer that stars Lili Taylor, Vera Farmiga, and Patrick Wilson.  The film is based on the true story of Farmiga and Wilson’s characters, Ed and Lorraine Warren.  It is directed by James Wan, the director and writer of Saw.  The clips that were shown did not have Farmiga who is excellent in the Bates Motel show airing on A&E.  Instead it focuses on Lili Taylor playing Carolyn Perron and her daughters.  They are playing a game clapping and hiding.  Carolyn is covered with a blindfold.  The wardrobe opens and a clapping sound is heard.  The mother walks over to the wardrobe where two white hands clap.  She goes blindly to the clothes on the wardrobe, hears her daughter who is disappointed that her mother took off the blindfold, the mother yanks at the clothes, but the wardrobe is empty.

Next she is tucking in her girls, she hears a massive crashing sound, every picture on the staircase has fallen and glass is everywhere.  Carolyn goes down the stairs and then hears clapping.  A door to the basement opens.  The mother heads over to the basement looks down the dark steps.  Audience really reacted to this and had to call out warnings not to go down the stairs.  She starts down when the door slams and it goes dark.  The mother lights a match and then two white hands clap over her.  The fear in the audience and again when the trailer was shown at the Masquerade ran through the entire audience.  Another scene has the little girl trying to go to sleep.  Her leg is yanked and she thinks it’s her sister.  She hears a noise and looks under the bed, the bedroom door opens.  The girl looks in fear and wakes up her sister.  The sister sees her in terror seeing someone in the next room.  She goes up to close the door and then the closet door opens.  The girl says in fear that someone is behind her. 


The director, James Wan, was brought out and then the real persons the movie was based on; Lorraine Warren, Andrea Perron, and Cindy Perron. Lorraine discussed the film, “I was actually a skeptic, but there was so many elements of our story that was actually captured on film.”  Wan went on about the low tech nature of the film.  Since everyone has a cellphone now, they can easily call for help, but this was set before that time, and Wan found it liberating to work with the horror elements.  One of the filmmakers, Walter Kamada, spoke about trying to get the film a PG-13 rating.  They submitted it to the ratings board and the film was given an R rating.  They asked what scenes were too intense or violent and were instead told that it was because it was too scary.  I’m not a great fan of horror films, but the clips sent chills up my spine so this will definetly be on my summer movie list.