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Wonder Woman Gets A New Creative Team


USA Today has reported that the husband and wife duo of David and Meredith Finch will be the new creative team behind the Amazonian hero Wonder Woman. David Finch will be doing the art and Meredith finch will take over writing duties. The two will start their run in November with issue 36.

In an interview with USA Today, the Finches share their plans for the Amazonian Princess.

A big part of what Meredith wants to do is write a story about a woman who is trying to take on all of those different things and try to make them all work together.¬†We wanted to make her a little more flawed. She doesn’t always necessarily have the answers.”

Not only does Meredith hope to appeal to more female readers but also she plans to bring more of a female way of thinking to the character.

“That’s one aspect of being a female writer I can bring to her. Women tend to react in a different way, and I can bring some of that reactionary (thinking), going from your heart sometimes more than from your head.”

Meredith and David Finch


David Finch has worked on DC, Marvel, and Image comics. His most known work was in comics such as “Forever Evil,” “Batman: The Dark Knight” vol. 1 and 2, and also has number of X-men series under his belt. While Meredith has worked on “Tales of OZ.”