THE WOLF AMONG US Episode 1 Review

Smell like I sound.


The Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s latest story driven game experience. It’s from the very same studio whose pedigree includes the monumental game changer that was The Walking Dead. What could have simply been a different skinned clone of The Walking Dead, instead The Wolf Among Us is an exciting and rich adventure all its own.

Making tough decisions as the rough and tough sheriff (Bigby) of this magical world is awesome. The action is absolutely fantastic. The decisions you’ll make right in the middle of the action and just like in its predecessor, the decisions you’ll make will effect your game through all the upcoming episodes. Talk your way out of a fight, smash a bottle over someone’s head, or sucker punch all these decisions let you feel like you have some control over all the chaos of the world you’re in. Even though it’s primarily paced using the decisions you make, the action feels more interactive than in previous Telltale games.

As a prequel to the Fables comic book series from DC/Vertigo, the story revolves around solving a shocking murder while trying to maintain a semblance of order among a tight-knit community of displaced fairytale characters. Every moment of this episode’s investigation is filled intriguing characters, mysterious settings, and fantastic writing. You’ll come across a member of the three little pigs, revelations about Snow White and other things that will toy with the ideas of characters you already know. For a two-hour opening episode, this game is packed with so many layers of story that it warrants multiple play throughs to test the various paths you can choose in the game.


The ascetic is what really sets it apart from Walking Dead. Monotone color palettes from the world of horror are transformed into 80’s noir neon the likes of the film Drive. Bright colors also get contrasted with great use of shadows that truly feel like the grimace and beauty of the comic book. Gamers will find the exact same gameplay mechanics as Walking Dead along with similar issues. Those of which include having too much pause in transitions when walking with your character.

Overall, The Wolf Among Us: Faith is an awesome start to Sherrif Bigby’s story with brutality, mystery, and humor. Wolf Among Us builds on the ideas of the story driven game and looks to be every bit as endering as the adventure of Clementine and Lee.

The Wolf Among Us is out now on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam. It’s available for purchase by episode for $4.99 or through season pass, check each platform for details on season pass purchase.

9.5 out of 10! Amazing! It’s anything but a watered down clone.