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Windbound – Breath of The Wild & Wind Waker rolled into one

You probably know of the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. You probably know that due to it’s success (back in 2017) that other studios have tried to gain some sort of that appeal for a while now. Mostly by creating games that look eerily similar.

Enter: Windbound, by Seep Silver, The publisher behind games like Metro Exodus, and Saints Row IV.


Deep Silver Descrives the game with the following:



The Forbidden Islands are Calling, Unlock their Secrets

Shipwrecked alone on an uncharted island, explore, adapt and navigate the land and perilous seas to stay alive.

As Kara, you are a warrior, caught at sea in a fierce storm, adrift from your tribe. Thrown from your boat, at the mercy of the turbulent waters, you are tossed on to the shores of the Forbidden Islands, a mysterious paradise.

With no boat, no food or tools, just the will and skill to survive, uncover this beautiful island’s rich resources. Craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature itself with its wild and fantastical creatures.

Whilst exploring further islands and the scattered ruins across their lands, secrets of the past and glimpses of the future are revealed. Unravel the mystery behind them all and you may find more than just your way home.

The game will feature many elements that you recognize from the Zelda series, such as Hunting and stealth-like elements from Breath of The Wild, and some sailing elements similar to what you remember from The Wind Waker. However, this time you get to craft your own ship.

Windbound launches on all major platforms, August 28th.