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Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk never turned down a chance for adventure. The actor who originally played the legendary character, William Shatner, will now boldly travel on an eight-day journey across America on a three-wheeled motorcycle that he helped design. He’s 84.

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The announcement was made on Monday by Shatner  to promote his custom trike and to raise awareness about the American Legion.

“I am taking another step into the unknown,” said the actor in a statement.

The silver studded trike is inspired by the legendary B-17 bomber. Shatner partnered with Aurora, Illinois-based motorcycle builder American Wrench to fabricate the Rivet motorcycle.


Shatner will begin his ride on June 23 outside Chicago accompanied by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew. The eight-day sojourn will make stops in St. Louis; Kansas City, Missouri; Oklahoma City; Amarillo, Texas; Albuqueque; Flagstaff, Arizona; and Las Vegas before arriving in Los Angeles on June 30. Limited quantities of Shatner’s bike will be sold by American Wrench.

The Rivet motorcycle is described by American Wrench as a “landjet” that features a V8 engine and an exposed cockpit with seating “only for one captain.”

Check out the promotional video!

Source: AP

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