Will The New Release Date For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Move SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY to “May The 4th Be With You?”

After a fun back and forth on Twitter between Marvel Studios And Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey JR, the highly-anticipated Avengers Infinity War is now set to hit theatres earlier than expected.

Originally, Avengers Infinity War was set to be released on May 4th But now the studio has decided to move the date forward to April 27th. This is great news since some international release dates were earlier than the United States. Now U.S. audiences will not have to worry about potential spoilers flooding the internet without an opportunity to have seen the film for themselves.

Maybe this can happen too:

It would be great if Disney/Lucasfilm now places the Han Solo standalone film on May 4th since that is the unofficial Star Wars Day. Unfortunately, is very unlikely since that would have Solo: A Star Wars Story too close to the release of Infinity WarsAffecting the box offices for both films in a negative way.