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Will we see Onslaught in SUICIDE SQUAD?

Suicide_Squad_0028According to Latino Review, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will be taking on Onslaught and their leader, Antiphon. In the comics these guys were a team of supervillians made up of various terrorists from Qurac (a fictional Middle Eastern Country in the DC Comics universe), and Greek team member Antiphon was a fairly minor character with super-speed powers, but it sounds like there might be a few changes made for the movie interpretations.

“Onslaught are hunting super heroes & villains for their own agenda,” reports Latino Review. “They’re like a special ops team made up of mercenaries. Antiphon is a burn victim & has a prosthetic leg.” He also reckons this was the role Ed Harris was rumored for, but has no information on who’ll actually play the character yet.

Like Task Force X, there have been several incarnations of Onslaught over the years but Antiphon was a member of the most recent one, and his team-mates included: Digital Djinn, Hyve, Rustam (who was actually the leader) and Tolteca