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Will Green Lantern Show Up on THE FLASH TV Series?


The Flash and Arrow tv shows have had their fair share of easter eggs and name drops of characters in the DC universe including Ferris Air, but one of the biggest Easter eggs was dropped in last night’s episode of a The Flash when someone asks why Ferris air is always abandoned. Barry then mentions that it was closed due to a missing test pilot. For those of you who don’t know, Ferris Air is where Hal Jordan a.k.a Green Lantern was a test pilot before becoming the hero.


There’s no confirmation that Green Lantern would in fact come to the show but it’s very interesting to know that somewhere Green Lantern exists. Now given that the hero won’t hit the big screen until Justice League Part Two, and his solo film doesn’t hit theaters until 2019, there’s nothing to say we can’t get a green lantern on the show. The TV show and Movie universes aren’t connected and we already have Ezra Miller as The Flash and Grant Gustin on the TV show, so there’s still a possibility that we can see Green Lantern on the small screen.