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The Whovian Report: Nerd Block Giveaway, “New” Capaldi Image, and Guests of the Doctor.

Greetings and salutations, fellow Fridge Nukers! Your Nuke the Fridge Whovian in Residence, Bradfield, here – reporting from a dollhouse in some screwed-up kid’s closet with “All the Who that’s fit to print” for the week ending June 8th, 2014…

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Deja vu… [Image property of BBC WorldWide.]
“New” Photo I’m not the kind of guy to look a gift image in the mouth, but BBC’s recently released still of Peter Capaldi from Season Eight is basically the opening still from the recently released teaser. So… Thanks?

A Rectangle That Isn’t the TARDIS Nerd Block is a unique subscription service that advertises itself as “Comic-Con in a box,” and they very well may be right. A monthly subscription – priced anywhere from $14-$20 – gets you a t-shirt and a whole boatload of swag. They are adding Doctor Who to their arsenal of franchises, and to that end, are holding a Doctor Who trivia contest starting tomorrow, June 9th, and ending June 13th. Winners get a t-shirt. They are also offering a special Doctor Who “Nerd Block,” as well as an opportunity to win a free Block. [More on Nerd Block and other geek swag subscription services coming soon.]

Photo Gallery: Guests of the Doctor

As I’ve mentioned before, in weeks where Doctor Who news is… less than abundant… I will be filling in the gaps with glimpses into the show that don’t necessarily involve the latest headlines. This week was really slow, so…

With over fifty years in production, and around 800 episodes aired, Doctor Who is a certified Guiness World Record holder – as both the longest running scifi program on television, and the most number of episodes aired. And in those 50 years, it stands to reason that many familiar faces have passed through the doors of the Cardiff Studios. Here is list of 15 actors and actresses who Fridge Nukers are sure to recognize from their favorite movies and TV shows.