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whitexboxone_large_verge_medium_landscapeLot’s of rumors and speculation for Xbox One owners.

It’s being reported by multiple sources that the previously “Employee Only” white Xbox One system will come to retail this year. While it was almost certain we’d see it at some point; it was never really clear when that would happen. The Xbox One has is still in its launch window and doing record numbers. If we were to see this, it would most likely be during the holiday season as a possible anniversary edition of the system. What we will more than likely see before that is the also rumored TitanFall bundle. The game is sure to be a system mover for Microsoft in March; so it only makes sense to capitalize on a bundle that could see system, game, and controller. Expect to hear more about that very very soon.

A few other interesting rumors to come out of all this is the reported release date leaks of upcoming Xbox One titles. There’s a rumored Halo collection in development with several different versions of the game. One would be a release of the first Halo with bonus content and another would see Halo 1,2,3, and 4 collected. It makes sense for Microsoft, if they won’t support backwards compatibility, to capitalize on their greatest franchise. We don’t believe however, that there will be multiple editions. Instead we’re betting that this holiday season you’ll see one massive bundled game that could have a statue with it. Halo 5 won’t be out until 2015, despite what everyone says. Developing a title for a new platform is always a rigorous process that, more often than not, gets grossly underestimated. This would also help sell the original Halo in that bundle as being polished for next-gen.

With the official acquisition of the Gears of War IP for Microsoft there will undoubtedly be something similar in the future. Especially with a new game still in early pre production which means we probably won’t see it till 2017. While these are all just rumors and speculation, they’re also good business strategies for a company looking to win back gamers who might have jumped from Xbox 360 to PS4. No doubt, this summer is going to be a very interesting one for Xbox fans.


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