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24065-2“The White Suits” will finally be released in trade paper back form. This is one that I have been really interested reading because it looked pretty interesting, something about it just caught my eye. I read an issue and I wanted more. Now after all this wait here it finally was, the complete series all in one package. Let me tell you guys, the wait was worth it.

Here’s the synopsis of “The White Suits:”

They savaged the Cold War Russian underworld—then disappeared. When they resurface, leaving a trail of dead mobsters in their wake, an amnesiac and an FBI agent seek to answer a single question: Who are the White Suits? Collects The White Suits #1–#4 and stories from Dark Horse Presents.


The synopsis alone hooks you right in. When I read the book, I just read it the whole way through in one sitting. That’s how good it was. I was expecting something over the top and edgy, that’s exactly what I got. Not saying that it was predictable because it absolutely wasn’t. This story is hard to talk about without giving away any spoilers but I’ll just try to explain it as simple as possible.

The book had a lot of narration and it worked great. It had a lot of flashbacks so you weave in and out of the past and present. I really like those kinds of stories personally. Stories that can kind of tell a couple of stories all at the the same time. Writing one story is hard enough to do but writer Frank Barbiere did an excellent job at continuing to tell the main story all while giving more of a backstory to the characters and not getting the reader confused. whitesuits1p1

The colors and art that were used in the book were Frank Miller-esque. A lot of black, white and grays, with red and a bit of sepia. It really added more to the book and made it seemed like it belonged in the time period that the time was set in (during the Cold War). You can thank artist Toby Cypress for taking you back in the past as if you just came out of a delorean.


“The White Suits” was the kind of story I was looking for. Tons of action and death sequences along with a great story that had just the right amount of twists and turns. It reminded me of a Frank Miller type of story and once I read the letter at the end from Frank Barbiere, it made sense because he mentioned that he “loved all things Frank Miller,” and that this is were “The White Suits” came from. I can definitely see this story being a turned into a film and wouldn’t be surprised if it did get a film adaptation within the coming years.