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What Kinds Of Swag Will You See At E3 2015?

If there’s anything that defines the E3 experience, it’s the swag.


Over the years that I’ve attended E3, I’ve acquired my share of giveaways, barring anything acquired from mini tournaments or just plain luck from a drawing. Shirts? Those are common. It was not unusual for me to get 4-5 shirts a day running the floor. Pens? Yup, they’re out there.

Destiny Shirt
Not my pic, but I got this shirt.

But let me tell you some of the most interesting swag I got from previous E3 conventions:


-USB drives shaped like raccoons

-Dog tags

-Foam swords

-Blow up swords

-Disney Infinity figures

-Furry hats with long ears to keep my hands warm

-Stuffed animals of all kinds

-Stylus pens


-Oswald Hat from Disney

-Gas mask. Yes, I got a gas mask from E3

Yes, that’s me in my fancy gas mask, courtesy of Metro: Last Light.

There are, of course, many many more I can mention, but I only have so much room in this article.


So what’s going to be given away at this year’s E3?


Disney has been pretty consistent with giving away Infinity figures. With the announcement of Infinity 3.0 featuring Star Wars the likelihood of Disney giving away another plethora of free figures isn’t that far from the realm of possibility.


Bungie has recently (accidentally) released information regarding the next Destiny expansion entitled The Taken King. It’s also known that Bungie has partnered up with Red Bull to provide codes for XP bonuses and epic quests. Could Bungie be giving these specially printed Red Bulls at E3? With Destiny rebounding well from their most recent expansion, chances are they will want to strike while the iron is hot. How it manifests itself will be known soon.


XBox’s press conference is going to be an all day thing, limiting its attendees to about 500 people. With this kind of exclusivity and a possibility of an Xbox One slim (?), maybe the people attending will walk out with this new hardware? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility considering when the Xbox 360 slim was announced in 2010, everyone in attendance immediately got one.


Nintendo just announced Ryu and Roy, new characters for their smash hit Super Smash Bros. With Amiibo production rising, could we see a giveaway of E3 exclusive Roy and Ryu figures?



What do you think we’ll see this year at E3…or later in eBay?