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What Could Be Quentin Tarantino’s Next Project?

Quentin-Tarantino-quentin-tarantino-17086804-1600-1200With “Django Unchained” premiering this week in theaters, writer/director Quentin Tarantino has the media’s firm attention.  Enjoying the limelight of his present film, Tarantino has announced plans for his next possible feature. Continuing a theme that depicts its protagonists against oppressors, which began in “Inglourius Basterds” and was followed up in “Django Unchained,” Tarantino will make a third film in the same vein. This is what he discussed about the topic.

“I don’t know exactly when I’m going to do it, but there’s something about this that would suggest a trilogy. My original idea for Inglourious Basterds way back when was that this [would be] a huge story that included the [smaller] story that you saw in the film, but also followed a bunch of black troops, and they had been f–ked over by the American military and kind of go apes–t. They basically — the way Lt. Aldo Raines (Brad Pitt) and the Basterds are having an “Apache resistance” — [the] black troops go on an Apache warpath and kill a bunch of white soldiers and white officers on a military base and are just making a warpath to Switzerland.

So that was always going to be part of it. And I was going to do it as a miniseries, and that was going to be one of the big storylines. When I decided to try to turn it into a movie, that was a section I had to take out to help tame my material. I have most of that written. It’s ready to go; I just have to write the second half of it.”

Asked if his next film would be the third in the trilogy, Tarantino continued.

“That would be the third of the trilogy. It would be [connected to] Inglourious Basterds, too, because Inglourious Basterds are in it, but it is about the soldiers. It would be called Killer Crow or something like that.”

It’s difficult to say whether Tarantino will focus on “Killer Crow” at this time. He has a full plate when it concerns the entertainment business. Also, he is slated to delve into some projects for television in the upcoming future.

“Killer Crow” is in development.  Quentin Tarantino will write and direct.

Source: The Root, movieweb