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THE WEEKLY LOOKOUT: September 9, 2013

Games and Comics or Comics and Games

Another week another round of new releases in video games and comic books. Sure we could tell you about other things but really who has the time do or read anything else.


We’re fully immersed in DC’s Villains month. Last week Batman 23.1 featuring the Joker surprised us with how awesome the one shot story was. This week we get stories featuring even more staples of evil in the DC universe like Killer Frost, Harley Quinn, and the Riddler just to name a few. Marvel isn’t leaving you having from last weeks spectacular opening to their latest X-event Battle of the Atom, Wednesday will see the release of chapter 3 in X-men. The boys over at Valiant are closing their Summer 2.0 with the debut of Eternal Warrior #1, no word yet on a return for Barry Winsor Smith but we’re optimistic. Also before we get to some of the stuff we’re looking forward to I have to say two words, Rachel Rising! As always you can find a complete list of releases from Diamond here.

Detective Comics #23.2 (DC Comics)
Writer of the popular book Mind MGMT, Matt Kindt, weaves a tale of how Harley Quinn was recruited into the Suicide Squad. We’re hoping this issue gets some setup for the new Harley Quinn ongoing series later this year. It looks like DC is aiming to make Harley a major player and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.


X-Men #5 (Marvel Comics)
In case you missed Battle of the Atom, stop reading this and go get the first two chapters. You’re missing the beginnings of one of the most prolific x-crossovers of the last ten years. If you haven’t read the first two chapters we won’t spoil it for you.*coughBACKFROMTHEDEADcough* This chapter will the present and future X-Men on the hunt for the cyclops and Jean Grey of old.


Ballistic #2 (Black Mask Studios)
Last month, Black Mask Studios brought a unique futuristic world with a talking drug addicted gun to readers. This week Darick Robertson and Adam Mortimer up the ante with more lunacy. As ridiculous as the premise was for issue one, we found it to be a great read and can’t wait to see more of it.


Flash #23.2 (DC Comics)
Last month we found out the Reverse Flash’s connection to the speed force and Iris West, now we’re set to find out how he came to be and what makes him tick. The Pippen and Jordan of comics, Manapul and Buccellato, give us what looks to be one of the best books of DC’s Villains month.




The fall gaming season is in full swing and we haven’t even seen the really good stuff yet. Disney fans will want to check out Kingdom Hearts Remix for PS3, while Hockey fans can start getting ready for the upcoming season with NHL 14 on every system. Vita owners can finally stop feeling left out of the mix as we see the release of a new Killzone game for the handheld. There’s also one big surprise this week in gaming. As always you can check out Gamespot’s full rundown of this weeks releases here.

Puppeteer (PS3) SCE Japan
Any guys out there looking to get their girlfriends into gaming, Puppeteer is the answer for you. A very unique and unorthodox adventure full of imagination and encapsulating charm will draw players into the story of a wooden boy named Kutaro as he searches for his missing head. Yep I said it. Even the most hardcore gamers will be taken in by its uncanny gameplay mechanics. Puppeteer surprised us with how good it is and it’s definitely worth your attention.


Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita) Guerilla Cambridge 
It looks like the Vita will finally get the AAA shooter that looks and feels like a blockbuster game should. Mercenary sports a unique in game money system for the franchise that keeps players competitive long after the short single player campaign is done. Anyone looking for a reason to buy a PS Vita may have found the system’s killer app.


What are you picking up this week? Are you just waiting for GTA 5 next week? Let us Know