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The first week of September’s comics and games.

We’re transitioning into the fall season which means you’re favorite games and comics are going to hit fast and hard to get you to stop studying for school or going to work. Let’s navigate through this opening shot together.


Despite practically giving away the ending months ago, last week’s conclusion of Trinity War managed to leave us in anticipation of DC comics follow up in Forever Evil. DC is also letting the villains of their universe inherit the earth as every title will shift to star a prominent evil doer. Marvel has two events of their own going on as Infinity continues and Battle of the Atom kicks off. Did we also mention this is the week Spidey 2099 comes back? Here’s a few of the books we can’t wait to read and as always find Diamond’s complete release list here.


Forever Evil #1 (DC COMICS)
Like a Grant Morrisson dream, the Crime Syndicate comes to our DC universe. After the events of Trinity War and the internet buzz about how bad Nightwing gets mauled, we can’t wait to open this up. So far the early reviews have been positive so don’t miss this one.


The Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse)
Another time or in a parallel universe, this book is a look at the Star Wars universe we might have seen had no one pushed George Lucas to keep writing. We’ve read this and can tell you without hesitation this is as fresh and unique as it’s been hyped up to be. This book will no doubt win this weeks award for most polarizing response.


X-men: Battle of the Atom #1 (Marvel)
No this isn’t based on the Capcom fighting game… wait it could be. There’s multiple groups of X-men fighting each other in order to battle the real evil behind all this. The X-men of the past, present, and future coming together in one story makes for an intriguing time written by Bendis, so someone  dying or having their life ruined is a safe bet.


Superior Spider-Man #17 (Marvel)
Marvel fans, even though his title was canceled more than a decade ago due to poor sales, you demanded the return of Spider-Man 2099 you’re gonna get the return of Spider-Man 2099. While we don’t know much of the details; having Ock-Spidey square off against the Spidey of the future has already got our wallets open.

Editor’s Note: We’ve missed reviews the last two weeks while in production for new shows for viewers, but we will be back this week and if you’re interested in reading comics on digital and writing reviews for us, contact me on twitter.


Now that we’re heading into the Fall season the race to save your pennies and recycle your bottles for cash has never been so crucial. With major titles and new systems just around the corner; this first week of September eases gamers into the transition with lots of little titles and one eagerly awaited console port releasing this week. Also PS Plus gamers don’t forget  you can grab Resident Evil Chronicles for free starting tomorrow. Check out the Spot’s extensive release list for everything landing this week, but here’s what we’ll be playing.


Diablo 3 (PS3, X360)
Is it weird to get excited for a game that’s been on the PC for quite some time now? Yes, but not to the console gaming faithful and this is one they’ve been waiting for. One of the best multiplayer experiences in gaming finally hits the console. Games like Diablo were made for throwing gaming parties with your friends. You kids have it easy with your fancy super-fast internet, back in our day we had to drill holes in our walls and run Cat-5 cable through 10ft of snow to connect to our friends Xbox just to multiplayer battle on the original Halo. Diablo 3 is the type of fun multiplayer game that made struggles like those ultimately worth it.


Rayman Legends (PS3, X360, Wii U, PC, Vita)
The follow up to Rayman Origins shows how much blood you can squeeze from a stone. Unlike extensive franchises like Mega-Man, Rayman has managed to put out quality games year in and year out. For anyone who complains there aren’t any good games for kids out there obviously hasn’t picked up a Rayman game.


So what is on your watch list? Let us know what you think is hot.

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