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THE WEEKLY LOOKOUT: September 16, 2013

The first big game of the Fall season kills productivity this week while the Crime Syndicate still runs the world.


One of the lighter weeks of the month sees the continuation of Infinity and DC’s Villain’s month. In addition to those, we get a new issue of Daredevil and Superior Spidey. The book we’re most excited for is the debut of the All-New Executive Assistant: Iris. As always you can find a complete rundown of what IDW, Valiant, Marvel, DC, Image, Aspen, all the rest have in store for you here.

Daredevil #31 (Marvel) Waid/Samnee 
Last month the dynamic duo of Samnee and Waid introduced Matt Murdock’s bossy new legal partner. We can’t wait to see more of how she’ll wreck his life and if that’s not bad enough he’s got to deal with the Jester.


Infinity #3 (Marvel) Hickman/ Opena, Weaver
While the event has so far been received with mixed reviews there’s no doubt the idea of the son of Thanos has everyone curious. Hopefully this event can build on that idea and pick up some event sized action in the pages of issue # 3.


Flash #23.3 (DC) Buccellato/ Zircher
One of the only villain books this week to catch our eye is the Rogues. In the New52 they’ve had one of the most radical changes that has actually worked in favor of the characters. We know they’re super powered and don’t work well with others. Now let’s see just what they have in store for the Crime Syndicate as they go into their own mini series Rogues Rebellion.


All-New Executive Assistant: Iris #1 (Aspen) Buccellato/ Qualano
So far Aspen’s 10-for10 initiative has been a rousing success. Just about every one of their new #1’s have landed on the Diamond top 100 sales charts. The latest character to get the ALL-NEW treatment is the fan favorite Iris by the all new creative team of Buccellato and Qualano, for $1 there’s no reason not to try this book.



We could give you a 1500 word essay on all the gaming releases coming out this week, but really there’s only four words you need to know GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE. As always you can check out a complete rundown of this weeks gaming releases here. For now we’ll leave you with this and check you out on GTA online.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/X360) Rockstar
One of the most highly anticipated games of the year lands on shelves this week and there’s no doubt Rockstar drop the mic on this console generation. We’ve played it and can tell you without a doubt; the return to Los Santos is a must play. We’ll give our complete review later today but for now we’ll just stress that you should drop whatever you’re doing tomorrow and pick up GTA 5.