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This week in Movie History: Back to the Future Part 3 by Russ Troutt.


September 1st, 1885: While most of you are celebrating a nice long Labor Day weekend, a couple guys from Hill Valley were pretty busy.  Doctor Emmett Brown, Doc, has hidden the DeLorean Time Machine in the Delgado Mine. Doc then writes a letter to Marty McFly, who is currently stranded in the year 1955. 
September 2nd, 1885: Marty arrives in the year 1855 to rescue Doc, but accidentally rips the fuel line on the DeLorean. Later that day Marty meets his ancestors Seamus and Maggie McFly.
September 3rd, 1855: Marty runs into Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen, the great grandfather of Biff. Marty, who is now going by the name of Clint Eastwood, pisses Mad Dog off and is nearly hung, but Doc shows up just in the nick of time to save Marty.
September 4th, 1885: While trying to repair the DeLorean, Doc accidentally saves the life of Clara Clayton, who was supposed to originally fall into the Shonash Ravine, which is why the ravine was supposed to later be named Clayton Ravine. Doc and Clara both fall in love with each other on this day.
September 5th, 1885: The Hill Valley Festival takes place, where Doc and Clara dance together. In the prior timeline Doc gets shot by Mad Dog and dies two days later, but Marty shows up and saves the day and keeps Doc from getting shot.
September 6th, 1885: Doc and Marty prepare to head back home to the future. Doc tells Clara the truth about everything, but Clara doesn’t believe him and runs away brokenhearted.
September 7th, 1885: Quite an eventful day. Doc passes out at the saloon after taking just one sip of whiskey. Marty tries reviving Doc, but doesn’t have much luck. Mad Dog shows up outside of the saloon just as Doc is starting to come to. Mad Dog hollers for Eastwood, Marty, to come outside and face him for a dual. Just as Marty and Doc about to sneak out through the back of the Saloon, Mad Dog calls Marty “Yellow”. Calling Marty “yellow” or a “chicken” doesn’t go over too well with Marty. Marty goes into the street and faces Mad Dog to the dual. Mad Dog shoots Marty and it appears he is dead, but Marty’s homemade bulletproof vest saves his life.
Doc and Marty head back to the DeLorean, which they have rigged up to a locomotive to get the DeLorean up to 88mph. Clara shows up and gets into danger and Doc decides to save her life. In doing so, Doc and Clara remain in the year 1855 while Marty heads back to the future.
September 8th, 1885: Today would have been Clara Clayton’s funeral had she died in the ravine.

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