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We takes a look at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Power and Golden Duelist Collection Trading Card Binder

It’s been a while since I last opened up a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. While I still play the game on occasion, I always look forward to sets that focus on older decks and give them new support including Heroes.

The latest release from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duel Power features 100 different cards all released as Ultra Rare. There are only a handful of new cards in this set and that was actually what I was hoping to pull including Magician of Chaos, Elemental HERO Grandmerge and Double Hero Attack but I always like to see what end up pulling.


Sadly no go on what I was hoping to pull, luckily they aren’t that expensive so I plan on buying a set of the ones I was hoping to get at one of my local shops as well as an extra silver and gold gadget. As for what I pulled, I’m glad I didn’t really get any doubles and I’ll be adding the Ghost Reaper as a side card since I do like the effect for decks I run.

It’s not an impressive set, most of the cards have been reprinted quite a few times with the only real draw being the new cards that have been added…well that and some cards like Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit being released as an ultra is a plus. At around $30 retail it’s nice but at the moment none of the cards are all that expensive so it might be smart to pick up singles.

Also released this month was the Golden Duelist Collection Trading Card Binder. I’ve always complained about the previous releases since they were pretty cheap, as cards would fall out of the plastic and that was a major issue, especially when trying to trade. For the last few years, I just had a Monster Binder with a 9 card pocket and it was perfect so I am glad to see Konami going with this. I don’t know if they have done this in previous releases but since I love the design especially the cover, this has become my main binder.