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We Square Enix to make this Chrono Trigger Sequel actually happen!

Chrono Trigger is to this date still one of my Top 5 favorite JRPGS of all time. Released back in 1995 for the Super Nintendo, it was an amazing experience that was a great mix of action, storytelling, a real-time battle system that was executed perfectly and visually stunning for its time.

The game was received extremely well and has been ported to the original PlayStation, the Nintendo DS, iOS and recently was launched on Steam it’s gotten to the point that many fans have given up hope that we will ever see a new entry in the series following the release of Chrono Cross almost two decades ago.

Enter Owlboy creator Simon Stafsnes Andersen who has made this beautiful trailer which stars Magus and Lucca who are traveling around time. It’s well done and makes us wish that Square Enix might finally release an HD remake or even a sequel after the success of titles like I am Setsuna and Octopath Traveler.