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This week we had a chance to visit the set of Fox’s Lucifer Season 3 inside Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. While there we had a chance to ask the cast, which included newcomer to the show, Tom Welling who plays the mysterious Marcus Pierce, a few questions.

Before Lucifer, Welling played a young Clark Kent in Smallville, a show that paved the way for the great DC Comics-based series on TV we have today such as Arrow and The Flash. Although Welling has been asked if he would cameo as Superman in the CW’s Supergirl we feel he would be a better fit for The Flash so Luis Lecca from Nuke the Fridge asked if he would consider returning as Clark Kent/Superman there.

Luis Lecca: The Flash has introduced multiverses where you could actually bring people (Characters) from other shows in. Would you come back as Clark from Smallville? Hopefully, the answer is yes!

Tom Welling: I mean this is always a funny question because I don’t want to disappoint people, but you know the Clark that I played, I don’t know how Clark would fit into that. You know I was asked about the Supergirl show and the tone of Supergirl was so much different than the tone of Smallville, that I don’t know if the Clark that I played would be that guy. So in a way, I don’t know about The Flash either if you know what I mean.

You can listen to Tom Welling’s answer plus more about his role in Lucifer below.

Lucifer returns October 2 at an all-new time of 8/7c.

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