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MY WAY Review

MyWayPoster_web-emailMy Way is a documentary about a woman named Rebekah, who just wants her music to been heard. The documentary follows Rebekah Starr and her bandmate Annika across the country, as they pack up the van and go on a road trip to Los Angeles to shoot a music video. While Rebekah and Annika promote their music and stops throughout the trip, we see what the road life can do to a marriage and a friendship.

What I liked about this film is that it shows a woman’s perspective of being in a band. You don’t see much of that these days and that’s simply because there aren’t that many woman in the rock industry. I feel that there should be more women in rock and that’s one of the points that the film makes. Rebekah is obviously passionate about her music and she shows that she is willing to do anything for that extra push.

The film seems very real as far as all of the drama goes and there’s nothing scripted about it. We see that Rebekah’s passion of her music gets in the way of her marriage as well as her friendship with her fellow bandmate Annika. You see the good and bad sides of all of the cast so it’s very real.

Another plus about the film is that it includes some interviews from numerous musicians like Steven Adler (former drummer of Guns N’ Roses), Rikki Rocket of Poison and Chip Z’Nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff. All musicians give their insight of what life on the road can be like and what life is like for a musician.

Now there were some things in the film that can be some seen as negatives but it all depends on your preferences and views.

To some people the documentary can seem like it’s more of two girls going on a road trip to have a good time and party. A lot of the documentary seems to take place in bars where they are drinking and having a good time. The girls do make sales of their cd’s while doing all of that, so they are still promoting their music. Being a former musician myself, I get that the girls want to have a good time while getting their music out there. If you’re not having a good time while making music, then you shouldn’t be a musician. But you do have to learn how to balance fun and business as you do with any other industry.

One thing that I couldn’t get passed about the film is pretty much the music itself. Now this is only based on my personal preference but the music from the Rebekah Starr Band seemed a bit dated like it should be in a movie like Clueless or Josie and the Pussy Cats. It was a bit poppy sounding and a little cheesy but I do have to say that the song “My Way” does end up being stuck in your head by the end of the film. Depending if you like that song or not, it can be a positive or negative.

With all this being said, I do appreciate the passion that Rebekah has for her music. The fact that she paid for the trip and the video out of her pocket, says something how passionate she is. Just as I mentioned before, I do agree that there needs to be more women in rock. We need some more Janis Joplins and Joan Jetts. This documentary can motivate other women who have also have a huge passion of music and find it hard to break into the industry and ultimately, I think that’s the main idea of this film.

My Way opens Friday Feb. 20, at Arena Cinema Hollywood and opens Friday Feb. 27, at The Quad in New York.