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Watch Dogs: Do Everything Chicago Style


Since last year when Ubisoft made the controversial decision to delay its highly anticipated game Watch Dogs, we’ve seen more glimpses of the ambition going into this new way of playing through open world games. Recently a new video detailing the game’s exclusive graphics engine and how next-gen power will serve to make Chicago a city that feels “hyper connected” with bustling life. Watch Dogs could break the rules of what a single player experience could be. Ubisoft is looking at multiplayer connectivity to extend the life of playing Watch Dogs campaign, but in an interesting way. Players could be lurking in your own game and you’d never know it till they interfere in a mission or hack your own phone. While this could be a recipe for disaster (with game trolls), Ubisoft is adamant everything will be balanced for the experience players want. There’s also the element of the city itself, Chicago is America’s third largest city and Watch Dogs will render every nuance from Soldier Field to the best pizza places in town in the game. Every citizen you see on the street will have a unique ID, a personality that alterers depending on how you interact with the game. Seemingly meeting random NPCs could lead to deeper mysteries of the Windy City’s underbelly or reveal a side of the city you may not know through a mission.

Watch Dogs is making a huge promise and it looks as though the extra time spent in development on the game was well spent. We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out because the game has a hard release date of May 27, 2014.

Check out the video below