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WALKING DEAD:400 DAYS Release Also Brings Free Ep 1 Download

Thinking of Buying 400 Days Today?


With today’s release of The Walking Dead:400 Days, PlayStation network is doing something special for anyone checking out the series for the first time. They are offering a free download of The Walking Dead episode 1. This is especially great for anyone thinking of jumping in to the series with 400 Days because the game requires you to have at least played through episode one. Now those looking to spend only $4.99 for this newest DLC won’t be forced to pay an additional $5 dollars just to be able to play it. 400 Days will also take into consideration the choices made during your play-through of the first five episodes, effecting certain aspects of your play through of the DLC. On top of that, the choices you make in 400 Days will also have an effect on the upcoming Season Two of the series, coming later this Fall!

No word on whether Xbox live and Steam will have a similar offer for their 400 Days release later this week. You can find full details on this over at the PlayStation Blog and come back later today for our full The Walking Dead: 400 Days review