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It’s time for more Clementine.


Next week Telltale games launches their sequel to the revolutionary Walking Dead game. The first won multiple 2012 Game Of The Year awards and opened console gamers to a world not driven by first person plasma swords or killstreaks. Instead for the investment, gamers got a tear jerking story in which you were thrust into the role of protector for a young girl who lost her family when the world hit the fan. If you played through the first season then you know it didn’t end well for the story’s protagonist Lee Everett.

Now in season two, players will step into the shoes and dirty baseball hat of a slightly older Clementine as she practices all the lessons instilled in her by Lee. What new dangers will she face? What faces from the first game will we see return? Will Lee turn up in the next Telltale Poker Night game? We might have to wait a bit for the answer to that last question but not for the first two. The Walking Dead: Season Two will hit Xbox Live and Steam next week on the 17th and 18th. Currently next week’s Xbox Live update doesn’t have  a listing for the season pass option; we also don’t have a confirmed date for the game on Sony PSN. We should get more details on those options as the game releases but in the meantime you can check out Telltale Games twitter for more info.