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VR is Coming to Nintendo Switch Via Labo

After a series of patents came out suggesting that Nintendo would want to go the VR route with the Switch, today it was confirmed that they would be doing just that with Labo VR Toy-Con Kit 4. Google has already proved that they can make your mobile device a VR headset with Google Cardboard, so why couldn’t Nintendo with the Switch and Labo?

This Toy-Con Kit will come in three different sets: the Starter Set with the Blaster for $39.99, the first expansion set with the Toy-Con Elephant and Camera, and a second expansion with the Bird and Wind Pedal. If you want all of these at once, you can buy the entire set for $79.99.

The VR Kits will be releasing on April 12. You can pre-order and find out more on the Nintendo Labo Website.