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VR And amiibo Mode Possibly Coming To Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Yup that’s a sentence I never thought I would hear either. Apparently in one of the most recent datamines for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate there seems to be many descriptions of new modes including amiibo and VR.

The data mine reads:

VR mode is now available! A whole new perspective on the Smash action awaits!

You can play VR mode using the Toy-Con VR Goggles (sold separately).
Now you can send your amiibo off on journeys to train via the Games & More > amiibo menu!
Send your battle-hardened FPs out into the wide world to spar with other FPs!
amiibo you’ve sent on a journey will relentlessly pursue their training until they come home!
FPs can now join Battle Arenas. Show everyone the power of a trained amiibo!
The new mode for amiibo sounds roughly like auto ventures in which your amiibo travels around fetching you rewards along the way by battling it out against other amiibo from players around the world.
As for VR mode it is recommended that you get Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR set to embrace our new Nintendo VR overlords. No news on what the VR will do but given that Nintendos big E3 showcase is less than 2 weeks away, you can be sure that it may come up during the event.