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VOEZ Physical Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch

PM Studios and acttil, who have recently released Superbeat: Xonic on the Switch, has revealed that their popular rhythm title VOEZ, which was previously released on the eshop last March, will be receiving a physical edition. VOEZ is an incredibly stylized rhythm game in which, rather than Superbeat: Xonic, where notes are coming outwards, you have to hit the right note when it drops down to the screen similar to how Guitar Hero games are. The game boasts a song catalog of 160 songs with plenty of difficulty for beginners and experts.

The press release reads:

Along with its standard touch-screen controls, VOEZ will
feature new controls for Joycon and Dock mode, so all our VOEZ fans can enjoy every
play options offered by Nintendo Switch™! This fast-paced, beautifully animated game
features 160 songs, as well as many story events to unlock — so your VOEZ diary will
never come to an end!

The game also boasts a story mode with it being played out through a diary with more pages unlocked for completing challenges and meeting requirements.

VOEZ: Physical Edition will be coming this Summer to the Nintendo Switch for the lovely price of $39.99 which contains all content from the digital version.